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Applying Color Adjustments and Adjustment Layers

The most commonly used tools are the Adjustment Layers (found under the Layers panel or the Effects panel) and the Color Adjustments (under the Adjustments panel).

Figure 10-1, left, shows a photo with a default gray-toned background. The photo has about half of the image visible, showing the woman’s eye and cheek. With the Adjustment panel open, the settings for the Background layer are shown. Figure 10-1, right, shows the same photo after applying a Color Balance adjustment by choosing Layer → Create Adjustment Layer → Color Balance.

**Figure 10-1:** The Adjustment Layers and Color Adjustments allow for adjustments and custom photo tweaks to the picture’s existing colors.

Most photo editors use the Adjustment Layers to apply or remove color or contrast. You can create and add Adjustment Layers. You can also create Adjustment Layers on your own from scratch using layers.

The Process Layers (found under the File menu) let you apply a series of steps for a particular effect. The Quick Fix, shown in Figure 10-2, is a shortcut for applying different corrections from the Adjustment Layers.

**Figure 10-2:** The Quick Fix options include Filter, Straighten, Lenses, and other basic functions.

## Adding Backgrounds and Backs

The most common way to apply a new background to a photo is to use the Background layer. This layer can be added just like any other layer, and then you apply any adjustments you’d like to it by changing its settings. Figure 10-3 shows the common steps you need to follow to create a new Background layer, as well as add a new layer over the Background layer.

**Figure 10-3:** Background layers are the simplest form of image manipulation

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Below you will find information on the different editions of Photoshop Elements. All of the versions are free to download, with the exception of the school Edition. The school Edition is intended for use in schools and educational establishments only and is not sold on its own.


Photoshop Elements, Standard, 2019

Photoshop Elements, Standard, 2020

Photoshop Elements, Workflow for Photographers, 2018

Photoshop Elements, Workflow for Photographers, 2019

Photoshop Elements, Professional, 2018

Photoshop Elements, Professional, 2020

Photoshop Elements, Elements Education, 2018

Photoshop Elements, Elements Education, 2019

Photoshop Elements, Community, 2019

Photoshop Elements, Community, 2020

Installing and Configuring:

Download the installer for the version of Photoshop Elements you need. Run the installer, accept the license terms, and press Next.

Follow the installer to download and install the software, and then accept the license terms.

After installation is complete, open the Photoshop Elements software.

To use the software, you will need to create a Photoshop Account, which is optional. The photoshop account allows you to save and work with all of your Photoshop files. It also makes it possible to share your files with others.

The photoshop account is how you will be able to save your edits, reuse your file, and share your work with other members of the community.

Photoshop Elements will automatically update the software.

In the event that you have already installed the previous version of the software, we recommend that you uninstall it first. This will make sure that you are able to install the latest version of the software.

Creating Your First Document:

We recommend that you start with a new document, as this is a good way to begin your Photoshop experiences. The new document will create a new selection on the currently active image, which is editable. This is used to select the area in the image that will be edited with the software.

Use the New document option in Photoshop Elements to open a new document.

Creating a new document in Photoshop Elements is fairly simple:

Open Photoshop Elements, choose File→New.

Use the dialog that appears to create your document. You can have Photoshop Elements size the document, adjust the resolution, choose to save the document in the size and resolution you choose, and the file format (e.g.

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Inserting typed data from textbox into table in sqlite

the following code is to insert the text in textbox into table in sqlite:
string sqlText = “insert into Contact(email,phone_num) values(@textbox1,@textbox2)”;
sqliteCommand = new SQLiteCommand(sqlText, sqliteConnection);

in textbox1 and 2 are textboxes and i am getting value from them as:
sqliteCommand = new SQLiteCommand(sqlText, sqliteConnection);
sqliteCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@textbox1”, txt_email.Text);
sqliteCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@textbox2”, txt_phone.Text);


this doesn’t work. I get an error as the following:
Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1


Make sure all of your columns in the table have the same number of columns. Right now you’re saying “add a parameter for the first column, then a second parameter for the second column, and so on”, which means you’re missing a column.


You’re forgetting a column in your table.


Inserting an IF statement into a select statement in SQL Server

I have an SQL query that looks like this
SELECT [dsnHeaderName]
FROM [MyTable]
WHERE ([keyHdr] like ‘%’ + @searchText + ‘%’ OR [keyHdr] like ‘%’ + @searchText + ‘%’)

It works fine if the @searchText does not have any spaces in the value, but if the @searchText has spaces in the value this does not work and the statement just gives me all rows. What I need to do is insert an IF statement in that if @searchText has any spaces in the value then @searchText is set to space(‘ ‘). How can I do that?


if @searchText like ‘%’ + space(‘ ‘) + ‘%’ then it will filter the spaces.

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System Requirements:

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Additional Notes:
a) Use of SD card is not recommended
b) This download is currently working for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
c) Make sure you use the