Assimil Le Nouveau Neerlandais Sans Peine (scans Audio) [UPD] ♚


Assimil Le Nouveau Neerlandais Sans Peine (scans Audio)

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Assimil Le nouveau Neerlandais sans peine (scans Audio)

Assimil Neerlandais Book (scans Audio)

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by: Peter Blackshaw

As it’s assumed that most consumers of gadgets will have a smart phone and/or tablet, we are all aware of the increasing need for universal accessibility within the industries and business of these devices – especially in the area of text messaging where users are likely to be unable to hear and/or read. There are a number of things you can do to make your application useful to the most vulnerable of smartphone and tablet users. Here are a few easy and simple ways of helping your users get the best out of your applications:

Optimise your applications for mobile viewing and interaction.

Apart from following guidelines provided by standards organisations including the Web Accessibility Initiative, the EaSI Accessible Applications Group will ensure your applications are fully functional for mobile and tablet users. To find out more please go to

Most of the information we get on our computers and smart phones can be accessed through a text-based interface. Therefore, the benefits and inherent downsides of using voice input, scrolling and hyperlinks may impact your application.

Guidelines (1-3)

Optimising for screen reading

The primary group is visually impaired and use alternative methods of text to read. They rely heavily on the ‘content of context’, as it is not normally known what will be on the screen (or in the case of mobile devices, on what area of the screen it will appear). To aid screen reading, ensure that your text is readable, meaning that there is enough contrast between foreground and background colour and that the text and background colour appears in the same light colour.

Use text capitalisation to make this clearer.

Use styles for the text, so that it is separated into paragraphs and emojis. Do not use a font that is too small for the text. Do not use too many colours or images

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