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The latest survey of the American public seems to lean more towards the “less casual” side of things — but not everyone’s down with monogamy. Do you have the flexibility to have casual sex with people who are a lot more important to you? Would a casual hookup be a disaster or a dream? Chime in and let us know.
The Best Casual Hookup Apps
1. Casual Dating
Get it? It’s a dating app.
Will it work for you? Casual dating works best for one of two types of people — the first being the people with a lot of steam left in the can, who just want to get laid, and the second being the people who have almost no libido at all. This is, obviously, the kind of person who reads Forbes. Casual dating has been trying to nail that sweet spot that balances intimacy and lack of commitment, and honestly, it’s really tough to do. Here’s the thing, the app takes a bit to set up, you have to pick your ideal distance from your potential partner (twenty miles? Casual touch?), and you have to know the basics of their sex schedule (where do they work and when do they actually get off?). But Casual Dating puts it all in a neat, easy to read interface that might make you want to message the very first guy you see. Their answer to your lack of desire might be to just give you some.
2. Casual Hookup
If casual dating leaves you feeling some sort of bodily emptiness, casual hookup is a direct remedy. Casual hookup is exactly what it sounds like — you pay for sexual access, and anyone that you decide to get your D on with is “casual,” with no expectations. It’s the hookup you’ve been waiting for — the one where you pay the service and still get to make all of the decisions. The services are free, ranging from the free-ish to the extravagant, but all of them have a basic eligibility questionnaire (like Casual Dating) to ensure that they only allow users to message people who are single.
There are many advantages of using dating apps. You might meet the love of your life using a casual hookup app. Some of the apps have verification process, like Match or OkCupid, to ensure you are not talking to a troll. Most of the apps also don’t charge extra fee, like your credit card.
3. Don’t Be
The third big casual hookup app is Don’t Be Lonely.
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OKCupid, dating app with a specific hookup culture
3 Dating apps are specifically made for finding casual sex
Booty Call, dating app with the explicit goal of “casual dating”
Gentleman’s Club, dating app aimed at people in the United Kingdom
You might have heard the word “casual sex” hurled into conversations about dating, sex, health and relationships. It could mean having sex with your partner without the intention of building anything more serious with them, or it could mean just getting laid for fun or sex, without any strings attached. If you’re looking for a hookup, a night with a friend, or just a fun fling, then casual sex sounds like it might be for you.
It’s not a new idea — “casual sex” has been a part of dating culture for as long as we’ve had sexual interactions. Casually arranged relationships were a central part of marriage in ancient societies like the Greeks and Romans, and in early modern centuries before the church and state began to seriously regulate monogamous relationships. But some people are shocked by the fact that friends, families, and society at large suggest casual sex is OK.
Here are the questions you should ask yourself before considering casual sex.
You are a very well-adjusted person and you are not at all interested in sex with people outside of your relationship. Sometimes you might decide to have fun in a group, you might even seek new sexual partners in one group, but don’t consider “casual sex” to be an ultimate goal or that it’s a natural part of your dating life. Your goal is to develop deep relationships and intimacy with your current partner. You like your partner and you love him or her, so you have a place to start from.
Before you start doing something you don’t want to do, you should find out the pros and cons of casual sex. You should research to find out more about its risks and how they compare to the risks of a long-term, exclusive relationship. If you decide that casual sex is a risk you want to take, you need to make sure you understand the potential consequences.

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