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, My Son

My Brother, My Son: The Epic Friendship Between Jack and Ike is a 2005 documentary about the friendship between President Dwight Eisenhower and President John F. Kennedy. It was produced by the National Archives and Records Administration, directed by Ron Howard and narrated by Michael J. Fox. The screenplay was written by Robert Scherer.


In 2004, the Eisenhower Presidential Library announced that, in 2007, it would reveal the full extent of its assassination research into the life and death of President John F. Kennedy. Former Kennedy aide Jerome M. Prosko wrote about it in a 2005 book, ”The Secrets of Camelot: The Kennedy Assassination, the FBI and Abuse of Power.” John Wheeler, Jr. wrote about it in a 2007 book, ”Kennedy Justice”. According to Prosk, ”The archives released a huge amount of unreviewed material to scholars as a result of the [Eisenhower] announcement, and scholars have been examining the material for the past several years.”

The New York Times reported that nearly 15,000 new documents were released to Princeton University historian Gary Wills. He wrote that those documents ”include a wealth of information about the President’s assassination. But aside from items in a file about a nine-year-old boy (once believed to be the killer, a tip emerged he had in fact witnessed the murder) in Dallas, no other new documents have been released that shed light on the case. Though there are still many documents to be reviewed, only one, which is likely to be published sometime next year, may give a major new insight into the case.” The ”major new insight” was the assassination of Oswald. ”I have given the task to three of the nation’s leading historians – one of whom is a Kennedy family expert – and we will be assembling their studies in a book to be published next year,” Mr. Wills said, speaking on his own behalf rather than as Princeton’s historian. ”We will also be preparing a journal article or two that can be published in a journal.” The Times noted that the investigative researcher, Robert Groden, had examined both other JFK files and the 19-million-documents released by the Presidential libraries and had ”no success finding a smoking gun, or any that could be seen at a glance.”

The Eisenhower Library, the National Archives, and the Kennedy Library all opened the remaining records on November 22, 2005. That same day, Wills published his book, ”Inquest: The Warren
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