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10 new levels about birds
Puzzle game “BIRDS” is going to be published for Android tablets and smartphones.
The subject of the game – a funny and simple puzzle game where the player is to place the birds on the field and return to the field to various difficulties.
The game will be released in two episodes and each episode about 10 new levels.
The game incorporates the fact that birds are curious, and this allows a huge variety of solutions.
Curiousness also means that the game will be “visual”. Birds are walking along the field (in a nice choreography).
“BIRDS” is a puzzle, the task is to go through each level and return to the field of the same difficulty and score.
Birds are placed around the field in random positions and are moved under the cursor (moving them is possible)
This game is the second part of “BIRDS – Puzzle Pack: 9 BIRDS”.
If you buy the “BIRDS – Puzzle Pack: 9 BIRDS” you receive a free copy of this game.
The game is sold in 2 parts.
Part 1 – “BIRDS – Puzzle Pack: 9 BIRDS” – $1.99
Part 2 – “BIRDS” – free
In case you have any problems, please contact us through the google play store.
We are trying to make a great puzzle game for you.
We know how important it is to enjoy a game with your kids!
We wish you pleasant game experience!
Have a nice day!
Per Content Seller agreement with you:
“BIRDS” Puzzle Pack includes 10 levels.
Game works on Android devices (tablets, smartphones) with Android OS v5.0 and later versions.
Game may require additional accesses to the system and/or data networks.
“BIRDS” Puzzle Pack can be considered as a single game, but if some doubts arise in connection with how to interpret the Seller’s Content Availability Policy, please check the rules here.
Title: BIRDS – Puzzle Pack: 10 BIRDS (Free)
App Website:

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Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Dirty Fighter 2 Features Key:

  • Twisted Forest game modes: Simple World MAP and Cursed Kingdoms)
  • 4 soundtracks from landscape to crazy
  • Graphic Setting ‘8x’ (Makes Game run faster)
  • Visual Interface with gain visual attention (GSV)


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Engineering is freedom.
Old cars are freedom.
Free car to explore almost 100 km2 wide open world.
Almost no speed limits.
Almost no cops.
Almost no company… Well, almost.
About You:
Young lad. 16.
New to OHV industry.
Willing to get dirt on your hands?
About the Car:
Ahh, bear with me.
The name is AKA.
It was my first ever build.
Trite! – yeah, but it served the purpose.
Low-poly, wide body.
Rear axle suspension.
Tires and wheels.
Non-functional front axle.
The brakes and transmission are taken from my previous build:
– Mazda Miata Hatch –
About the Company:
So you want to work for me, eh?
Well, that’s a good decision.
Hm – there’s nothing to do with that offer.
# Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license
# Translated from the Russian, English by davy811 (
# ———————————————————————-
# Title: 5AM
# Runtime: 13 Hours
# Style: Indie
# Genre: Action / Simulation / Racing
# Directory:
# Category: Indie
# Game Site:
# Description: Set in a ruined city where you control a lone Wolfhound. Rush through derelict streets, down alleyways and through old tunnels. Avoid the local gang and take on lone opponents.
# Author: Atelier Studios
# Licensed under the


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Devil Kitty Paw details:

Pixelite version:

Thank you for watching this video. Thank you to my subscribers, and every Patron supporter.
Bonus video game content featuring characters from “Bullet Girls Phantasia”, including other content creators —
Video on video game stories with characters from “Bullet Girls Phantasia”:

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Intro used at the end is from “Stock Footage” by Thunderbolt.

Mesut Ozil: “The Women Also Can Be Players”

Manchester United’s Mesut Ozil has given his backing to female players, and says they should not be refused the chance to play football.

United midfielder Ozil says he wouldn’t want to see any player drop out of a game because they are a woman.
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Manchester United midfielder MUnited midfielder Mesut Ozil says he wouldn’t want to see any player drop out of a game because they are a woman.
‘I wouldn’t want to say that, no,’ said Ozil, when asked if he had ever been conscious of any sort of barrier that prevented a female from playing football.
‘Women are welcome in every club that I’ve visited.
It’s always positive. I saw Cristiana Ronaldo when she was young and then she became one of the biggest players. It’s always positive to see [a woman playing].’
A separate report suggests that Premier League bosses are considering playing the league match against Newcastle on Tuesday August 12th earlier than expected to boost female participation.
Manchester United chairmanAviram
Manchester United chief executiveJoseMariaSoriano is reported by The Guardian to have suggested that playing the fixture ‘any time during the week would increase women’s numbers in football’.
Soriano reportedly suggested ‘they should also consider moving the game to the weekend


What’s new in Dirty Fighter 2:

    Hell … i wondered what it was like for a Game of Thrones character. But since i am not familiar with the story and characters to that level, i am here to say i dont know … i did not enjoy this episode especially like i used to in the beginning … the last i remember we were getting high on the Offret, Lyanna, Jon Snow, thats where i thought the show went right … and this just came out wrong … or maybe not.

    The first thing that tipped me off to a huge new character was the introduction of a weirdo looking guy with some fat rolls that said Boy Never Been Kissed … wait … what? oh wait he was ‘UNCERTAIN’ and then when i saw his name I realized: the easter bunny. the fat guy said Life was hard and he just needed something to make him feel better … oh wait he was ‘UNCERTAIN’

    i also knew he was ‘UNCERTAIN’ because of the way his eyes worked … they move independently sometimes and then resume life like they had a break; and yet they are in a robotic motion.

    This kid he is why Lyanna Stark in the books is so amazing … he did not exist until this episode and it was a really well done thing to bring him in … and we shall get into that which we have on our homework

    sure this kid was who he claims to be … he is delusional and a pathological liar because he is high on the Offret … but i hope Game of Thrones is saying something about this kind of kid and how easily we are attracted to the monster.

    so Lyanna says that it was an especial day for her, it was the day she spoke her first words in the forest … and there’s about 8 episodes left in the first half of the season … so why do i think this her last ditch attempt to get information and who is leading the hunt?

    i only think she is saying he is leading the hunt for THIS information … and she talks about the importance of understanding the stories in the books … how so many people wrongly infuence books … and this guy may be on the path to learning about the stories and what Baelish and his society is doing … so yeah Lyanna has a plan … so jonsays…..

    lyanna went and did more research … she was led to this ‘UNCERTAIN’ character who is actually a painter of


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    If you think that your city needs some more grit and character, then this is the pack for you! Start with the light brown exterior tiles and use them to give your city that old 1950s look! Create a train terminal building, a garbage pile, a car park for large vehicles, and so much more! This pack also comes with interior A B sheets for apartments, a bank, a school, and a diner, as well as three different dresser sprites. The exterior tiles of this pack feature the same gritty look as the courtyard tileset, so you can easily blend the two styles together.
    This pack comes with 18 tile sheets and over 50 sprites, and is perfect for modern-day cities, urban sci-fi maps, and any other modern setting!
    Decorate your city with all these tiles, and experience the fun of a modern city in your own game!
    Modern+ Midnight City is a work in progress and will be updated with new sprites and tiles as it goes on, so stay tuned for more!
    Join the mailing list to be alerted of new packs:

    If you are using RPG Maker Series, you can get a 10% off discount on this pack by following the coupon code: X5RFKBL
    More packs from the same designer:


    Posted by Just Johhny (1.3) on 2011-10-03T18:36:11.000Z

    Last time with Kauzz was very good, but this time, it is awesome <3

    Posted by IsurupaProductions (4.8) on 2011-10-11T22:04:10.000Z

    Please add more in the next "modern" list. The pack is amazing. And thank you for doing this again.

    Posted by Animatonic (2.5) on 2011-10-12T12:52:05.000Z

    this is a fabulous pack. but why is it all black? i know it looks awesome but what about


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  • Game Train Simulator:
  • Installer
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  • Installer
  • setup.exe
  • Installer
  • setup.exe
  • Installer
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  • Install the Installer
  • Run setup.exe


  • Click button (ADD On)
  • Unzip the GTRX
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Click button (ADD On)

Click field

Click click and the add-on should be there.

Activate and the



System Requirements:

* Internet connection
* CD-ROM disc drive
* 800 MB of free space on your hard drive
* 256 MB VRAM
* Sound card
* Available on Nintendo Switch at Nintendo.com, Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and at retail.
Software subject to license (us.playstation.com/softwarelicense). Online activity subject to Terms of Services and User Agreement (www.playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service). One-time license fee for play on account’s designated primary PS4™ system