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published: 27 May 2017

3D Architectural Design Loader – Autodesk 3D Architectural Design Loader, AI Architect by AECOM

AUTODESK: Implementing the Route Planner

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This study describes an innovative approach to assist in a diagnosis of a patient by assessing the patient’s activity level. To this end, a “vigilance” system was developed that measures the patient’s activity level in 24 different activities of daily living. Sixty inpatients at a rehabilitation hospital were included. The system was tested in a repeated measures design in which patients received three different activity monitoring protocols, the first two being the same. A positive correlation between increased patient activity and clinician certainty about the correct diagnosis was found. The system may be a cost-effective tool for diagnosis and follow-up of patient activity-related impairment and can have a therapeutic effect on the patient by providing the clinician with objective information.Continuous intravenous glucose infusion ameliorates hyperglycemia in diabetic rats.
To determine if lowering plasma glucose concentration by glucose infusion reduces protein glycosylation, 12 male Albino rats, 2-3 mo old and weighing 100-150 g, were administered streptozotocin (40 mg/kg; i.p.) to induce diabetes. After 1 mo, rats were randomized into 2 groups of 6. One group received a continuous glucose infusion (via subcutaneous osmotic minipump) at a rate of 2.5, and the other group received saline infusion. Plasma glucose concentrations fell in both groups, but the decrease was greater (P less than 0.05) in the glucose-infused group, in which the glucose infusion rate was maintained at 2.5 until sacrifice. Glucose infusion also prevented a rise in urine glucose concentration in diabetic rats but had no significant effect on plasma C-peptide, glycated hemoglobin, or plasma triglyceride concentration. Glucose infusion, however, increased the activity of the hepatic gluconeogenetic enzymes, glucose-6-phosphatase (220%) and fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase (43%). The infusion rate was reduced to 2 in 6 diabetic rats and 6 nondiabetic