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Sports games have traditionally used visual simulation to model the movement of players on the pitch. But computer games like FIFA, NHL, NBA and Madden have been using motion capture technology for some time now to fully model players’ movements and interactions on the pitch. As well as higher quality graphics, a major benefit of this technology is that it mimics the real-life movements of each player in a more realistic way. This is particularly true for interactions with the ball, where a more lifelike representation of players interacting with the ball can make the difference between scoring and conceding. But can the technology be applied to soccer? Can it really capture the complex movements of real players for the first time?

I had the chance to meet with some of the developers working on the forthcoming FIFA title to get their feedback on whether the team are pleased with how the technology is working, and whether or not they foresee any challenges with using real-life data.

The interview was conducted by Luke, one of the game’s lead creators, and Brendan, a member of EA SPORTS’ FIFA development team.

FIFA World’s Annual Review

1) Full disclosure: this interview was conducted with an IMG connection, so it has a slight bias towards the overall quality of the player. But given the nature of the question we’re asking, it’s a better than most would receive and it is the best response we have. We just want to know your thoughts on how this technology is working and how it could improve.

“The biggest thing we’ve found in working with the technology has been in our ability to create a higher fidelity experience for our players. We can capture the speed and the distance of a player’s movements, and for the first time we can come up with something that feels extremely realistic for a player to get up to speed quickly, and for a player to make a long run over the top.”

Brendan Stewart, lead designer, FIFA 22

2) Can you talk a little bit about the overall process that takes place from collecting the real-life data in action, to the final output for the game?

Luke Wagner, lead designer, FIFA 22

“It all starts with the player in motion capture, and watching their actions in real time. We’ll then loop back to review the footage in slow motion, and get a feel for what they’re doing. Once we’ve captured that data for a player, the next step


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Future Player – Introducing the highly anticipated new feature “Unlocked Future Player”, which delivers the power to unlock all the World stars of the future with new U9s who have yet to play FIFA!
  • National Teams – Easily join any of the participating National Teams from around the world, and practise with your selection of your favourite National Team players in the AI controlled International Friendly challenges.
  • Complete Career – Follow the path of any top professional player, now and in the future with a highly-personalised career model. Set up your own academy, take charge of your team or manage a team in the lower divisions, as you rise up the pros through seven leagues to compete against the best.
  • Free kicks and dribbles – Improve your free kicks and dribbles from a new perspective with the new Kick Wizard feature that enables you to kick and manipulate the ball in multiple ways.
  • First Touch Engine – FIFA 22 uses revolutionary First Touch technology, based on the final touches players make as they control the ball. The First Touch Engine introduces a new physics engine, making the most of the gestures of your player to move the ball with action, clarity and accuracy. It will make passing and shooting even more realistic, finishing with razor sharp precision.
  • Visual Experience – FIFA is more than a football game, it’s a 3D playground. With enhanced FMV, crowd simulation and completely new environments, FIFA makes it even more enjoyable to take charge of matches on any pitch, including virtual reality.
  • New broadcast networks that connect fans with FIFA with or without the TV – The new Open Broadcast Network lets you dive right into FIFA action and take ownership of matches or competitions. It offers enhanced artificial intelligence, visual and audio enhancements, iconic shots, and complete integration into the game in order to create the best viewing experience in football. Plus you will be able to stream matches live from the BBC, NBC and many other networks, as well as real leagues and cups from around the world.
  • Soccer Ball Physics – FIFA Soccer is the game defined by its ball control. We’ve worked in every single detail to ensure that it handles as intuitively as possible: first touch, power dribbling, chipping and shooting all feels just right, and the ball moves with complete


    Fifa 22

    For more information on FIFA visit FIFA is also known by the nicknames FIFA World Cup, FIFA 14, FIFA Soccer, FIFA 16 and FIFA. It is published by Electronic Arts. FIFA 20 was released September 15, 2019.

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    Play First – Be a coach with the ‘Play First’ mode from FIFA 11, now you get to take the role of a football manager. Design your team, set the training routines, and select the tactics and style of play you want to utilise. If you haven’t experienced the challenge of managing a football club, this is the game for you.

    Multiplayer – The Ultimate Team is only half the fun. Invite up to eight friends for online multiplayer challenges including Online Seasons, Friendly Matches, Ranked Matches and much more.

    Customise your player and club – Customise your team, stadium, kits, team skins, even the number on your player card! Customise your player and club with alternate kits, shorts, socks, boots and much more, and you can even choose the number on your player card.

    Minute Keeper – No pressure, no sleep, just goalkeeping, and the FIFA 22 experience couldn’t be easier. Keep your dream goalkeeper in the game as you focus on performing crucial saves and react to situations as they unfold live.

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    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • NEW DYNAMIC STUNTS: Capture and Pull off fantastic aerial moves against defenders.
    • NEW BAG OF THE YEAR: FIFA’s most inventive and outrageous team-building item in the Ultimate Team, the FIFA 22 BOTY rewards players who can break down defences with footballing masterpieces.
    • NEW WORLD TOUR, FUT Champions Cup and FUT EUROPEAN CLUB LEAGUE: Win rewards such as coins, tickets and more in a thrilling new tournament format.
    • NEW INTELLIGENT COACHING SYSTEM: Gain new insights on how to improve your players and unlock new training techniques.
    • NEW SPARRING SEQUENCE RULES: Pass, defend, attack! Introduce the new Sparring Sequence rules which can make the difference between a 1-1 draw and a dramatic victory in any match.
    • NEW EVENTS, FUT Champions Cup and Youth Cup: Take part in football-themed challenges, hotshots and tours where you’ll battle to be crowned king of the pitch.

    Extraordinary player features in FIFA 22:

    • AMAZING ACCELERATION: With fluid player agility and confidence, unlocking incredible speed from all parts of the pitch with divine footballing grace, Sebastian Giovinco, Alisson, Gabriel Jesus, Lucas Moura, Mohamed Salah and whomever you play now run at 70% quicker than previous versions.
    • UNLIMITED INFLUENCE: Improve everything about how you play in FIFA 22 by using the game’s newly enhanced Player Impact System.
    • ALL NEW CONTROLS: Give the ball to your favourite player by pressing R1 or R2 buttons and give away the ball by pressing X1 or X2 buttons.


    Download Fifa 22 2022

    FIFA is the world’s best-selling sport video game franchise, with annual releases of FIFA Soccer, FIFA World Cup, and FIFA Nation. FIFA is available on a variety of platforms and, in the U.S., is available at: Apple Game Center, Amazon Appstore, Google Play, PlayStation® Network and the Wii U Virtual Console.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

    FIFA Ultimate Team, a brand-new mode, features more than 6,500 players, including the best licensed players from over 50 countries. Ultimate Team lets you collect and manage your favorite players from around the world, compete against your friends and claim rewards to enhance your club with real-world cash and items.


    Collect and play as the legend you desire. Choose a favorite real-world player from the likes of Landon Donovan, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi and set your team apart in the world’s most authentic football game.

    What is the all-new PLAYER PROFILES system?

    From now on, FIFA will replace the current Squad Builder function found in FIFA World Cup mode. The new system incorporates multiple ways to build and customize teams.

    • In the Squad Builder mode, create, name and edit legendary teams of any size with up to 30 players, and manage your team of up to 32 players using the same rules as the current mode.

    • In the new Team of the Week and Team of the Day modes, create custom teams and start out with a squad of legendary players.

    • Start a league with multiple formats, each with its own rules

    • Publish and share your teams with the community

    FIFA Playlist

    FIFA Playlist is a new way to play the game you love. Now you can create your own customized playlist of your favorite songs to play as you compete in FIFA Ultimate Team mode. The Playlist system gives you full control over what songs are available during the game, as well as the exact playing speed of each song.

    EA SPORTS FIFA™ 19 created a brand-new soundtrack for the FIFA series. The new score features an expanded songlist including over 100 tracks, 30 more than in the previous title. Also, the new soundtrack features the song “Echoes of the Universe,” performed by Flume, and “Holy Ground” performed by Pusha T, which are not available in the soundtrack


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    System Requirements:

    Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
    OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8
    MP3 player with built in support for MP3 and AAC music formats
    Minimum of 256MB of RAM
    640×480 display resolution
    Internet Connection
    FreeSync™ Compatible Display
    Minimum supported processor:
    Processor 800MHz
    Maximum supported processor:
    Processor 1.8GHz
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