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EA SPORTS has created a new technical director role at EA SPORTS, Christopher Harris, who is tasked with taking a look at the game-play engine and supporting the game team’s development at the studio in Vancouver.

Sanna Nyqvist, general manager of EA SPORTS Vancouver has her thoughts on “HyperMotion Technology” and how it plays a key role in the game:

“FIFA 22 takes everything that we have learned from EA SPORTS Football and applies it to the new ball physics, ball physics and ball control systems to deliver something incredible in FIFA 22.

“We have developed the game engine we have used for the last 6 years and have introduced the best balls and ball physics models in the industry. We have worked really hard to make the game even more fun and more authentic in the latest editions, and we wanted to keep that approach for FIFA 22”

Jonathan Harris, senior producer at EA SPORTS Vancouver explains that the team at EA SPORTS Vancouver has a lot of experience with “HyperMotion Technology” and said that its’ development is centered around the game.

“As the new manager here at EA SPORTS Vancouver, I have been charged with making sure that the games we create both on and off of the pitch are the best they can possibly be. The same goes for FIFA, which is why we’re eager to move forward with our next generation of technology. Over the past 6 years we have successfully applied our unique license of real-world player data and motion capture technology to FIFA”

“As the title indicates, we want to bring FIFA to a new level by connecting players and fans with the most authentic gameplay. I am eager to collaborate with our development team, our community and our partner EA SPORTS and to refine the technology that is powering FIFA, to make it even more immersive than ever”

In addition, players can use Player Confidential in FIFA 22, which will give players an insight into the brain of the player who could potentially try to solve their problem.

“At EA SPORTS we are committed to creating the most authentic Football experience out there. Player Confidential allows players to look into the head of an opponent player as he solves their problems and helps the player to understand why he made the decision he did. We have created a new role for a development team that makes sure that the community has the


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Player Career Mode
  • New Take-Overs
    • Volcano Rush – Trigger an eruption from the volcano situated in your stadium as your team scores. Take advantage of both lightning and steam to break down the opposing goalkeeper and use the ball to escape the volcano.


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With FIFA Ultimate Team, you’ll create your very own team of legendary players to compete, earn and develop. Customise your squad with players from more than 300 real-world leagues, and use your coins to purchase packs with the ever-expanding Ultimate Team card set.

The World Cup™ returns to host the largest annual sporting event in the world – featuring more than 200 stadiums and over 450,000 players. Participate in the new bracket system and experience a revolutionary bracket and matchmaking system that makes it extremely easy to get into the knockout stages. Interact with the World Cup™ trophy during the finals. You can also bring the World Cup™ trophy with you while in career mode, so your victories in the present and the past can be shared with your friends.

Fifa 22 Cracked Version brings a fresh take on a classic sport. Face-to-face, fantasy or online matches play out in the most authentic way possible. Team up with friends on the pitch, mob your foes or backline and start the ultimate game of skill where even your quick-thrusters can count.


Team up with friends on the pitch and mob your foes or backline to start the ultimate game of skill.

Face-to-face, fantasy or online matches play out in the most authentic way possible.

Team up with friends on the pitch, mob your foes or backline to start the ultimate game of skill.

The World Cup™ returns to host the largest annual sporting event in the world.


The World Cup™ returns to host the largest annual sporting event in the world.

The World Cup™ returns to host the largest annual sporting event in the world.

The World Cup™ returns to host the largest annual sporting event in the world.

Face-to-face, fantasy or online matches play out in the most authentic way possible.

All-new Ultimate Team integration including the all-new Ultimate Team card set


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FIFA Ultimate Team supports up to 32 players across eight positions – striker, midfielder, defender, attacker, goalkeeper, defensive midfielder, playmaker and winger. Choose players from the legendary footballers in the FUT Hall of Fame, or create your own fantasy team of the best from around the globe. Earn rare and powerful Ultimate Rewards as you progress through your team, and also gain access to even more rewards and pack-tacular rewards by leveling up your players through Silver and Gold packs and rare and collectible Player Kits and Premium Player Kits.

FIFA Mobile – An all-new, free-to-play version of FIFA that allows you to test your FIFA techniques for free, and complete challenges, unlock daily and weekly goals, and earn in-game rewards from the global community.

This year’s FIFA World Cup® will pit 12 teams – including the 10 at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ – against each other for the right to be crowned champion. Face off against friendlies from the biggest club teams in the world as you seek out the perfect World Cup™ setting for your next memorable international showpiece.

FIFA World Cup is the first title in the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise to support for up to 32 players, offering an unparalleled level of customization.

FIFA World Cup™ delivers a new authentic World Cup experience, perfect for every FIFA fan, with stadium editor features, Career Mode and much more.

Multiplayer – FIFA World Cup™ multiplayer features new FIFA World Cup Highlights, where you’ll be treated to cool behind-the-scenes action as you watch the clips in the new FIFA World Cup Highlights player. Share your FIFA World Cup™ moments with your friends as you upload your highlights and watch them play them back.

FIFA World Cup™ Connected Competitions – Return to the competition experience after the tournament is over as you enter the FIFA World Cup™ Connected Competitions. How your team performs in offline matches and on-line qualifiers during the World Cup™ will be reflected in the matches between the clubs after the World Cup™. Download your squad and register your players from the World Cup™ in FIFA World Cup™ Connected Competitions to participate in tournaments and face off against clubs from around the world.

FIFA World Cup™ Game Editor – Become a football god by customizing your very own game. Use The Game Editor to design a world-class stadium with over 250 objects, including pitch, roof


What’s new:

  • new engine engine engine; high-speed match engine and ball control; player animations; animations of players, ball and opposition; a new ball model that deforms more closely to the surface over which it travels; the ability for the ball to pass through an individual; penalty shooting; and the introduction of the penalty area.
  • new boots and gloves; a new ball; boots and gloves with a new colour palette; and high-end boots; socks; boots with small jet foams to improve ball control; gloves; a new demarcated corner area; gloves with designated attackers; boots with an improved swing and fast-back feature.
  • new viewing angles; fresh post-processing techniques; facial capture; day-night cycle; new dynamic weather effects; live timing; a new goal keeper animation; more realistic and challenging saves and goals. ‘Embrace the chaos’ introduced to pitch invasions and horse-play. New animations for celebrations, saves, off the ball movements and dramatic tackles.


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Make every touch feel just like it does in real life.

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A more complex opponent and smarter AI systems.

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Bring the real-life pace and power of the game into play using a completely new Physics System.

Raise the intensity of the competitive atmosphere with more lively animations and crowd reactions.

Re-designed AI to be more intelligent and give you the edge in gameplay.

New Strikers – more clinically accurate.

Sharpen the Action – create more chances and exciting finishes.

An enhanced new player class system.

More advanced ball control.

Better ball physics and artificial intelligence.

Synchronized free kicks

An improved free kick system ensures more tactical options.

An entire new approach to dynamic tactics

Faster transitions from defence to attack.

Intelligent AI that helps you make the right decisions on the pitch.

Improved free kick accuracy.

A more flexible formation system that makes a deeper bench available.

A new tactic planning system makes it easier to execute smart plays.

An enhanced new player system is more intelligent.

New Keeper positioning and more routines.

More realistic Control and Balance

New Dribbling controls

Improved handle technique.

New off-the-ball movement.

FIFA 22 enhances the gameplay of defense with new defensive systems such as Controlled Defensive Interventions, High Pressure, Reduced Defensive Pressure

Enhanced Off the Ball Movement

Intelligent AI

Improved Fullbacks

Smart Play

Now it’s easier to balance football between offence and defence.

Improved Control


New Techniques


Decision Making

More tactical depth

Immersive Goalkeeping

New Free Kick Mechanics

New Finishing

More direct and powerful free kicks.

New Strikers.

New Shots

New Kicks

Improved Speed

Added Movement to Free Kicks


Improved use of Dribbling.

Dynamic Sides

More tactical depth

Defend deeper

New Defend deeper free kick.

New Defend deeper free kick for Midfielders.

Dynamic Tactics.

Faster transitions from


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