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The software itself allows you to convert all image files into AVI format. Also, it allows you to convert image files into GIF animations. The program has an intuitive interface. Moreover, it’s possible to set the duration of frames, border width, pixel format, image quality, resize method, color depth, audio track, quality and bitrate of the audio track.
When you convert an image file into a GIF animation, you will be able to specify the number of frames and their length. It’s also possible to set the duration of a GIF animation in frames and seconds. Both frames and seconds can be automatically or manually added to the generated animation.
What we like the most is the possibility of applying various image effects to a file. As a result, you will get an image with minimum coloring, a posterized picture, a slightly desaturated picture, a picture with saturation or mono effect, a picture with a twist effect, a picture with a noise effect and so on.
The interface of the software is quite intuitive. Once you choose the required action, its preview will immediately show your result. It’s possible to change the preview settings and activate the “open result” feature. Additionally, ImageToAVI Full Crack allows you to add an AVI file (video). You can also specify the target directory where the output file will be saved and specify the desired size.
Moreover, you can increase the efficiency of the program by using advanced options. They help you to fully customize the output file. Additionally, you can use the settings of the generation process to completely control the result.
All the aforementioned functions are controlled via a popup menu. Since you do not have to familiarize yourself with a lot of interface options, the software is a good choice for a beginner. Another plus is that the program has an excellent response time.
The following points are worth noting:
1) ImageToAvi can be easily integrated into any portable software.
2) It’s possible to perform batch processing.
3) The program is easy to use.
4) It keeps an excellent image and sound quality.
5) It’s simple to check the program’s interface.
What we do not like is the outdated interface. In addition, it would have been a good idea to include a tutorial that teaches you how to work with the software.
ImageToAVI User Manual:
When you install ImageToAvi, the user guide will automatically open. It’s a good idea to use this documentation to learn how

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Image To Avi is a powerful tool to easily create AVI videos using images and audio files. You can convert images to AVI videos as follows:
Image to AVI Converter: You will need to change some setting to save the image with the video. Convert multiple images to avi videos in batch mode. Remove frames from avi videos to convert single image to avi. Convert between audio and video formats
1. Free download ImageToAVI to your PC. (A key is included in the download package.). You can also go to:
2. Run ImageToAVI.
3. Import images into the queue.
4. Choose output format, quality and frame rate.
5. Insert audio files, preview results, select a video preset and apply image effects, modify audio, video or image parameters, duplicate frames, validate the image list and select languages, save the output to location.
6. Convert multiple images to avi videos, merge several output files into one final output, export images to clipboard, batch process and delete the results files.
7. Open the file when the conversion is done.

Download Image2Avi: Windows

Image2Avi is a video converter and image filter program. It provides you with a professional image editing tools, allowing you to convert images with different video formats and effects, save images in different image formats, convert images in batches, edit images with effects in the process, extract images from video files and GIF animation sequences, and much more.
Image2Avi Description:
Image2Avi is a free, award winning and handy tool that lets you convert images to video and makes creating a new image from a video easy. Convert photos and videos to one, two, three or more formats. Create photos and videos from pictures and videos. Access your photos and videos with a simple and easy to use user interface. Edit images with effects and filters. Batch processes. Preview and export images and videos. Advanced performance. Free, no upgrades or maintenance. Image2Avi requires Java and should be installed on your computer.
Convert images to videos, convert videos to images and merge videos and images into a single file. Free download Image2Avi to your PC. (A key is included in the download package.).

Download Image 2 Avi: Windows

Image2Avi is a video converter and

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Screenshots of ImageToAvi

ImageToAvi Publisher’s Description

By using ImageToAvi you can easily add your personal animated photos to your websites, blogs, and other webpages.
ImageToAvi allows you to create real animated images from any digital image. With each image there are different settings, and you are able to create as many different variations as you want. These images can be used in a variety of ways to develop cool websites and can be placed on your Facebook wall to increase friend request.
Images can be added to your Blog or even your forum. We have included many images from a variety of categories to help you get started.
The easier way to start Image To Avi.
Include an animation based on the selected image
The image is compressed to a size that allows for an animation of 4, 8, 16 or 32 seconds, depending on the amount of image you have included.
Add a border to the image
Border can be set with up to 7 different sizes and colors
Change colors, resize and rotater the image
The image can be flipped horizontally or vertically
Added the ability to preview and convert the selected image to a video
For the output file add the image to the image list or open the file
To synchronize the sound file and the image as the animation proceeds, you can add up to 2 sound files for the same image. Choose different sample rates or bit rates
You can mix and match the combined videos up to 12 different images
You can remove the images from the list if not needed
You can add an animation title to your image
ImageToAvi allows you to convert your digital images to all popular formats. You can easily create a traditional animated gif with your digital images.

ImageToAvi Comments

ImageToAvi is a great image processing tool that allows you to quickly and easily convert your digital photos into animated GIFs.
The software comes with a good-looking and straightforward interface that guides you through the different steps involved in the image conversion process. It is ideal for adding your family photos on Facebook, Myspace, and other websites.
Batch conversion is supported, and you can configure it for a number of frames. The advanced settings allow you to define the size of the frame, the frame rate and the sound track.
ImageToAvi can quickly process multiple images at once, and you can convert files in all popular formats and save them into different formats.

What’s New In ImageToAVI?

Key Features of ImageToAvi:
– Convert batch of images to AVI and GIF animations
– Add audio track in WAV and MP3 format, be it in mono or stereo
– Set the border size and convert images with effects in batch mode
– Select the format and resize method
– Preview output file and enable or disable the tool to open the file when the task is completed
– Validate image list
– Extract images from AVI files and GIF animations
– Convert images with effects in batch mode
– Use a video bitrate calculator
– Use a color picker
– Keep the layout as is
– Unicode support
– Batch mode
– Undo for past operations
– Preview output file
– Enable or disable to open the image in the program after the task is completed
– Change the tool’s title
– Change the toolbar’s image
– Change the ToolBar’s height
– Manage multi-files
– Validate input files
– Show or hide the image list
– Record a task’s progress
– Apply darken and tweak over the image
– Apply crop
– Generate a thumbnail
– Remove borders
– Apply posterize
– Apply desaturate
– Apply hue-rotate
– Apply grayscale
– Apply enhance
– Apply blur
– Apply sharpen
– Apply noise mono
– Apply flip vertical
– Apply flip horizontal
– Apply posterize 1
– Apply posterize 2
– Apply posterize 3
– Apply posterize 4
– Apply posterize 5
– Apply posterize 6
– Apply posterize 7
– Apply posterize 8
– Apply posterize 9
– Apply posterize 10
– Apply posterize 20
– Apply posterize 30
– Apply posterize 40
– Apply posterize 50
– Apply posterize 70
– Apply posterize 80
– Apply posterize 90
– Apply posterize 100
– Apply posterize 120
– Apply posterize 130
– Apply posterize 140
– Apply posterize 180
– Apply posterize 190
– Apply posterize 200
– Apply posterize 230
– Apply posterize 240
– Apply posterize 250
– Apply posterize 280
– Apply posterize 290
– Apply posterize 300
– Apply posterize 360
– Apply posterize 370
– Apply posterize 380
– Apply posterize 400
– Apply posterize 500
– Apply posterize 600

System Requirements For ImageToAVI:

OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 2.4 GHz quad-core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024×768 minimum screen resolution
Storage: 4 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Download size: 45.1 MB
Demo version available for Windows 7 and 8, Mac OSX, and Linux.
You can redistribute this mod, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.