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Key Configuration Options In Autodesk Inventor 2013.


This should give you what you want
Install Command Prompt for Windows.
Open Command Prompt by typing cmd on your windows start menu.
type the following:

cd C:\Program Files\autodesk\inventor\2012


There is a.exe for each version.
This is the first one. You can now choose to save it on your computer as a.txt file
Change the name to xforce.exe

cd C:\Program Files\autodesk\inventor\2012\xforce


Save that to your desktop
In the future when you want to do this, you will be able to look for an answer online.


What was wrong with the PhD proposal mentioned in this answer?

The PhD proposal I received for my PhD was rejected by the program.
The program’s document states:

Proposal One: Proposal One was
rejected.   Although you’ve
presented in a very highly
articulated fashion you haven’t included
sufficient evidence to make a strong
enough case to grant you the support
you were awarded.   More
specifically, because you haven’t
included adequate evidence of strong
advising/supervision, and more
generally because you’ve presented no
evidence at all of interest in your
field of study, I’d suggest looking
for another program.   The committee
feels that without strong evidence of
what you have to offer it’s simply
too risky to invest in you.


I would say in general, an advisor who is not prepared to help with research responsibilities, whether it’s running experiments, reading and understanding experimental data, writing up the results, or helping get papers published, and who is not willing to teach is not going to be very successful at helping you at all. So you really ought to be considering pursuing a different field, or a different advisor.


Wednesday, May 19, 2011

Catching Up

Spring is usually a busy time. We’re already in full swing here in our area, which gives me little time to sit and blog. The good news is we’re back in the daily grind, but only for a few hours. It’s a great