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Offload is an easy to use, decentralized, P2P file storage network. It is the new, anonymous generation of file sharing and file storage like a kind of secure torrent. Download the Offload client and securely download and store files with OFF-URLs.









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It’s a peer-to-peer network that allows users to store and share files. Offload Cracked Accounts, like many P2P networks, relies on the concept of “torrents” and relies on trackerless torrents. The idea behind torrents is that they allow users to upload and share files without having to store the information in a central location. The central point of the torrent network is still a tracker, but the information is distributed to other users on the network. It’s called trackerless because there is no central tracker. This means you can search for the torrent, download it, and see that it is stored in others’ computers.

On Offload, there is a search bar that searches through the whole Offload network. If you have files to share, you can upload them to other users. And then you get a URL of your files, and other users can download the files with these URLs. It’s not like downloading with torrents, where you upload a file, get a link to your file, and then upload the file on the server. On Offload, you share a URL, and other users download the file from that URL.

Why should I use Offload?

It is much faster than other file sharing systems, including but not limited to torrent.

If you’re looking for a new kind of anonymous storage and sharing, you should definitely check out Offload.

If you just want to store files securely and anonymously, it is definitely worth checking out Offload.

It is extremely easy to use. The user experience is quite intuitive.

What kind of file sharing does Offload offer?

It offers all kinds of file sharing. If you’re looking for a secure file sharing, Offload is perfect for you.

Offload can be used to share files on a network. You can upload a file that is not yet on the network and download it from your friends. Once the file is uploaded, they can also download it, and once they download it, they will be able to share it on the network. So this means Offload can be used for secure file sharing.

But that is not all. Since Offload is a trackerless network, it does not rely on a centralized tracker like BitTorrent does. If a file is not being tracked by a tracker, Offload cannot tell where the file is and where the file is shared on the network. This means you can use Offload to share large files

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1. Unblock 2.256bit ElGamal encryption 3. P2P file sharing 4. AES-256 compatible with PGP 5. Scalable for any size of file 6. Small signature size 7. Delayed signature check 8. Renewable signatures 9. Two-stage signatures 10. Key rotation 11. Operates as a P2P network 12. Supports DHT and FTF 13. Supports QRcode 14. Includes key manager and built in Bitcoin wallet (however if you are not already a user of BTC, don’t store any BTC in your wallet) 15. Fully decentralized 16. Save your passwords and sensitive information and encrypt your wallet 17. Turned into a Tor hidden service 18. Decentralized Anonymous Network 19. Include a script to deal with a malicious client 20. Inclued with an uptime counter that shows how long the server has been up 21. Offload uses ElGamal for encrypted data and AES-256 for unencrypted data. All data on Offload is encrypted and can be decrypted with the corresponding key. E.g. 256bit ElGamal encrypted data can only be decrypted with the 256bit key. The data is unencrypted, unless you know the corresponding 256bit ElGamal key. AES-256 is a symmetric encryption and therefore all data on Offload is encrypted and can only be decrypted with the corresponding AES-256 key. E.g. AES-256 encrypted data can be decrypted with the AES-256 key. The data is unencrypted, unless you know the corresponding AES-256 key.
PROTOCOLS Supported protocols:
Protocols enabled:
BitTorrent 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 SP2 3.0 3.1 3.2
uTP 1.0
uTP/ST 1.0
uTP/ST 2.0
uTP/uTP 2.0
uTP/ST 3.0
uTP/ST 3.1
uTP/uTP 3.1
uTP/ST 3.2
uTP/ST 4.0
uTP/ST 4.1
uTP/uTP 4.1
uTP/ST 5.0
uTP/ST 5.1
uTP/ST 6.0
uTP/ST 6.1
uTP/ST 7.0
uTP/ST 7.1
uTP/uTP 7.1

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This is Offload’s user manual. It provides you with an introduction to the project, detailed descriptions of the features, and info on how to use the software.

Offload offers users a peer-to-peer sharing network to store and access their files. It has a user friendly interface to browse, search and access files without needing to download or use a client.
Offload features one-click sharing with OFF-URLs. These URLs are short, simple, and secure.
OFF-URLs are automatically protected by encryption with user and password.
Offload uses a new blockchain to enable a single point of access to all information.
All files stored on Offload are either fully encrypted or completely public.
Offload gives users a private storage space to store their files and data.
OFF-URLs are passed with encrypted TLS and securely stored with a public and private key pair, on the blockchain.
When you visit an OFF-URL, the content and the owner will be verified by the blockchain.
Offload is open source and works on all desktop, mobile, and web platforms.
The client will connect to several blockchain nodes and run the storage-client in the background.
The blockchain has a REST API for developers to create their own solutions.
The blockchain also supports multiple languages.
Offload has pre-built escrow systems for storage and payments.
Offload is optimized for performance, speed and security.
It has a tracker to keep the entire network safe.

Current implementation
As of June 2018, Offload is a research project at the Department of Information Systems at DePaul University in Chicago.

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External links
Offload Web site
Offload Github

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What’s New in the?

Offload is an easy to use, decentralized, P2P file storage network. It is the new, anonymous generation of file sharing and file storage like a kind of secure torrent.

You can quickly search for files, organize your files and can share them with other users of the network. You can also upload your files to the system and access them from anywhere.

Offload uses a new protocol called OFF-URLs that is not based on IP addresses, hashes, or hash-sequences, but simply on random numbers. You can put files to the network in a simple and secure way. Offload can handle very large files, the largest of which is 2GB.

Offload is a P2P network, so there is no central authority. The system does not store a copy of your files on their servers. Instead, the data of every user is encrypted and distributed to other users via a public peer-to-peer network.

Offload uses the Lightning Network for payments. OFF-URLs are used as unique identifiers and are locked with a public key. This means that the system only holds the keys for the files you download and store in your wallet, while you hold the private keys of the wallets you receive the files from.

In addition, in the beginning the uploads are charged for with the OFF-URL. This will be completely free for users once enough users are using the network.


After installing the OFFload-client, you can safely upload or download files to/from the network. By downloading a file from the network, you will receive the corresponding file from a user who has uploaded the file. This is called an OFF-URL, as the file will be stored on the network with the corresponding OFF-URL.

Upload Files:

Uploading a file to the network is very simple. First, you have to upload the file to your own wallet. From there, you can send the file to other users on the network. You can send your files using your private wallet. You will receive an OFF-URL that you can then share with other users on the network.

Download Files:

Downloading a file is simple. First, you download the file from the network with the corresponding OFF-URL. You then send the file to a wallet in your wallet, either from your private wallet or by using an authenticated wallet. The file is then placed in your wallet and is ready for your personal use.

You can now share the file with other users of the network. For this purpose, you can create an OFF-URL and either link it to your files or share it with others, giving them access to the files. When other users download the file, they will receive the corresponding file.

Advanced Storage:

The Offload system is also able to handle very large files. Each file is encrypted and shared

System Requirements:

Windows XP or Vista
CPU: Intel 2.0GHz Dual Core
Windows Media Center on a TV
HDD: 30 GB
Please be advised that the application must run on the Windows platform.
If you’re using a laptop, the display size should be at least 1280×800.
Please note that some of the movies and TV shows are not free to download.
Also please note that some may require further downloading for your portable device.
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