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Having to work with a lot of windows on the desktop can easily become frustrating, especially if they don’t really fit together. Sure enough you can minimize those you need, but there are different types of third-party alternatives which want to make this task easier. For instance, Shuffler remembers default positions and helps you restore them at the press of a button.
Operations handled from the tray menu
The application quietly sits in the tray area for the duration of use. The associated menu is where you find all possible operations, and there isn’t really a main window to work with. The initial launch also asks whether or not to make the application run with Windows so that it’s ready by the time you reach the desktop.
Note that there isn’t a different way to make the application run on startup if the initial offer is discarded, but you can place a shortcut in the system Startup folder to bypass this inconvenience later on. On the other hand, you can simply assign a hotkey to the shortcut to just have it launched when needed.
Restore windows to initial positions
For the application to be able to arrange windows on your desktop they first need to be added to a list. Sadly, this can take quite a while if the list is large, especially because you need to select the window, and add each at a time from the tray menu, with no function to batch select, or at least choose from a list of active windows.
Restoring is only possible if the window in question is either not in plain sight or in a different spot. When selected from the tray icon, the window returns to its saved position. Unfortunately, you can’t save a permanent list of create multiple profiles to load different ones based on task you perform.
On an ending note
All things considered, we can state that Shuffler isn’t quite prepared to fully fulfill all window management operations. The list of windows needs to be configured with each run, and there are no options to move to a different spot on the desktop, or change size specifications of target items.







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If you often find yourself using several windows at once, you’ll likely appreciate some kind of an application that keeps the status of open programs. However, Shuffler Free Download lacks a couple of features that make this effort easier and more convenient. This tool doesn’t have a main window either, and the added menu isn’t much more than a list of operation performed.

If you’ve ever used similar tools then you’ll instantly notice why Shuffler is basically just an interface for the application you always had in Windows. It’s simple, uncluttered, and it works well as the application can only be configured from the tray icon or shortcut.
In fact, Shuffler’s interface isn’t just the main window for the tool but the whole point. Toggling one of the main windows activates the tool, and swiping quickly between tasks allows you to reach a current status. On the other hand, you don’t need to get into the details to use the tool since it doesn’t need more than a couple of clicks to start using it. However, if you want to do so, you can bring up the menu from the application tray icon or just right-click on a window to get access to various operations.
Shuffler Overview:
The initial run will display how to run Shuffler from the main menu, but you can also run it by placing a shortcut on your desktop. That shortcut can either be customized to open the application, or to open its tray menu for you. The tool runs quietly in the background which doesn’t really need to be noticed unless you need to initiate a specific operation.

To operate Shuffler, simply use a mouse to open the application tray icon or run its shortcut, and then launch the application. You’ll soon notice a menu where you can drag windows to different positions on the desktop. Shuffler remembers windows you’ve used before and will restore them all in the order you’ve used them in the previous session. Unfortunately, it can only restore a list of windows that were once open, and there is no way to save such a list by default. To save it, you’ll need to put a shortcut in the Startup folder, or simply assign a hotkey to the option.
Shuffler Usage:
The application is a pretty straightforward tool that lets you rearrange windows. To do so,

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Cracked Shuffler With Keygen is a freeware application that will help you shuffle your windows so you can restore them to default positions if you need to. Upon launch it asks you to select what default positions you want to save and restore from the tray menu.

Microsoft has made it pretty much impossible to install Linux on a computer using their computers, and as a result it’s become popular for developers to use the software to run their code. Now, many in the community can be said to be hosting their private servers on the popular public Cloud platform, and some developers are keen to put their work to use even more by running a server on their own hardware.
One of the developer’s who has taken this to the next level is Binyamin N.Sawkes [NSawkes], the former CEO and Founder of O’Reilly Media. In fact, Nsawkes has been running a Linux-powered server for over a decade and has been doing so from the very same location where he used to develop O’Reilly’s Bookshelf software, which he built from scratch.
Now, it’s about time to take his server as a basis to improve it, and make it a little different. Thus, we’ve got the Raspberry Pi Server.
How does it work?
A Raspberry Pi was designed to be powered by a power supply or an external battery. It was meant to be inexpensive. That’s the whole point of this server, to offer inexpensive web hosting to developers. In short, it’s an ARM based computer based on a low-cost chip, the AllWinner A20.
By default, the server only offers a static page, with no account set-up. This is expected as the server is set to receive HTTP requests via a properly configured port on an already owned IP.
On top of this, the default version comes with a video streaming server that allows you to play videos. This is achieved using GStreamer. You can see how a streaming server works by visiting the homepage at and selecting the video section. It’s by default set to play YouTube videos.
How does it differ?
The Raspberry Pi was created to be as cheap as possible, and it shows from the beginning. While the default server offers this feature out of the box, this can be swapped out for any other service. To give you some insight, a more complete installation includes PHP


Shuffler is a completely free Windows desktop tool that will maintain your Windows desktop in the way you expect.

Shuffler’s feature set is extensive. With everything a user would need to manage, change, and organize their desktop, Shuffler is your tool to organize and manage Windows as it was meant to be.

The interface is clean, functional, and easy to use. Features that users of other desktop tools miss are available with the touch of a button.

Shuffler is fully customizable, and allows users to personalize every aspect of the user interface.

Shuffler is lightning fast and feels like Windows. Shuffler does all of the work so you won’t need to!

Shuffler is built to be an excellent collaborative tool that will appeal to a variety of users, and work will never be the same.


A stable and version-tested release version is available from the Shuffler website.
After the installation, you need to go to Options > Environment and click on the Add button to add the application to the Startup list. You can also choose one of the profiles you’d like to use and load it from that particular list.

User interface:

The application is positioned in the system tray for the duration of use. From there you can access the options through the menu with a single click, a tap of the keyboard, or through a hotkey.

An example of a drag and drop window menu – Image Source: Shuffler

Settings, options, and preferences are managed through the tray icon settings menu.

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What’s New in the?

Start, minimize, close, background the current active application

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All processes, apps, files, network connections and more

Set the window place, screen size and type

Place apps, documents, all folders and shortcuts to the desktop

None of this probably matters if you’re currently using Windows 7, but the application certainly improves things in Windows 10. In fact, a trial version is available for the PC version. On the other hand, the Chrome web browser used to include support for window shuffling, but it was disabled with the release of version 56.
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