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webspy vantage ultimate 2.2 keygen.To avoid the embarrassment of an unpopular vote, the Athens-Clarke County School Board took a risky option: delay the vote on a proposed $324 million upgrade of Anderson High School.

After nine hours of debate, the board finally voted 5-4 to table the vote, creating a new record for the longest high school board meeting in state history. The delay gives time for board members to try to obtain a budget to pay for the project, which could lead to higher costs and a longer project.

“It’s almost like the whole thing unraveled,” said board member Susan Horner, who voted for postponement.

Former board member Roscoe D. Bragg Jr. urged the board to reconsider postponing the vote. He said, “For my children’s sake and our families’ sake, I hope that this board does the right thing and keeps it moving.”

The board delayed the vote by voting 6-3 to table the vote on a $1 million expansion of the school’s gymnasium and four-court gym. Members voted 4-4 on extending the lease of the former HealthSouth training center.

The three board members who voted to table the gymnasium vote were Bragg, Horner and Jack Fullwood. Those who voted to table the vote on the gym lease were Bragg, Horner, Fullwood, Todd Umstead and Jerry Brown. They voted 3-6 to table the vote on the school’s master plan.

But the board members remained unified on another controversial vote: the hiring of Dr. Al Copeland as superintendent. Board members voted 11-0 to reject a motion to suspend the search for a new superintendent.

The board spent many hours hearing from more than 70 speakers who spoke on both sides of the issue.

“We have to find a new superintendent,” said David Harvey, who blamed the board for the current superintendent search. “We have to remove trustees that are poison. The poison is within the board.”

Harvey introduced the motion to suspend the superintendent search, but he said he was outnumbered by five board members on the nine-member board.

Harvey emphasized the motion to suspend the search was not a vote of no confidence in


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